Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Take the Anew Challenge

Yep...that's what I said. Anew is a product by Avon that helps rejuvenate your skin. No time like the present to begin to take care of your skin.

Anew starts off with their 30+ Rejuvenate Sapphire Emulsion. You put this on at night before going to bed. In one day it helps pores look smaller and more refined. In about 5 days dramatically smooths, softens and refines skin texture. In 10 days, 81% of women agree, virtually erases the look of pores. They also have the Rejuvenate Day Cream with an SPF of 25. From now until August 17,2010, you can get this at a great price of Buy the Night Cream for $30.00 and get the day cream for FREE!

Anew 40+ Reversalist Night Sterling Emulsion Gel Formula has Intense Moisture to help your Skin look and feel firmer. In one day skin feels soft and supple. In 5 days 89% of women agree, diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles. In 10 Days skin looks and feels dramatically firmer. By day 14 skin looks up to 5 years younger. There is also an Anew 40+ Reversalist Day cream with SPF 25. Buy the Reversalist Night sterling Gel for $32.00 and get the Day cream for FREE!

Anew 50+ Ultimate Night Gold Emulsion Gel has intense moisture to help your skin replenish its vital moisture reserves. In 1 day immediately, skin's moisture levels surge by more than 400%. By day five 86% of women agree, skin feels uplifted, stronger and more elastic. By day 10 skin looks supported and more resilient. There is also the Gold emulsion day cream with SPF 25. From now until August 17, 2010 buy the Night Ultimate Emulsion at $34.00 and get the day cream for FREE!

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Friday, July 9, 2010

My Sales Approach in Avon

I find that many companies try to get you to push their product as a product that a person can't live without. Some use scare tactics to sell their products and others just pester you to death until you end up buying just to shut them up or running and hiding when you see them approaching. One thing I find successful is I let people know I am selling Avon and if they would like to see a book with the Avon products, I would be happy to give them one. I never call my friends (unless they are my close friends)or go door to door and knock. Although Avon does try to get their reps to do this type of sales approach, I find people are frightened to open their door to strangers and besides...if you are an Avon have to worry who will open that door??? Although this book is your store, you are also able to hang them with special bags purchased through Avon. The bags are very inexpensive and made for the Avon brochure. Avon gives you a letter as a new representative to print up and pass out if you choose. It is really neat how your representative information is printed onto this flier. It prints two on one paper so you can cut the paper in half. Placing the flier along with a sample in the bag with the brochure, I bag up about 40 to 50 books(in the beginning you might want to start off with more)and begin my walk around the neighborhood carefully surveying the home before approaching. If the yard has newspapers littered all over, chances that your brochure might have the same fate as those papers, may be an indication to pass that house up. I go from door to door and put the book either on the door handle or place it on the front porch a little away from the door so when the owner opens the door they will see the book and not slip on it. If you see owners of the homes outside, smile sweetly and say you are an Independent Avon Representative of this area and were handing out your Avon brochure so people can see the great items they are offering. Let them know your name and phone number along with e-mail address is on the back when they are ready to order. Be committed to your business. Gain their trust that you are not there for a short time and then not selling Avon anymore. Too many ladies go into Avon and quickly give it up. I don't sugar coat anything. This is a JOB. You are the boss of a small company and the boss works their butt off.

Now lets talk about other approaches other than the "hanging book" approach. Now we have the office approach. Some wonderful ideas to try are basket's. Decorate a beautiful small basket and place some of your Avon brochures, sales brochures, small samples and a small handful of candy. Put a beautiful sign on the basket saying Free Avon Brochures and samples. That lets the patient waiting to be seen by the doctor, know the book is there to be taken. Always make sure you place your name and number on the back. I always print up labels and place my name, then next line "Independent Avon Representative" and third line phone number. On the fourth line I put my Avon e-store website. I was on one of the Avon chat boards reading about a horrible thing another Avon rep was doing to a fellow rep. She saw her books and taking up her fellow reps books and placing her own sticker over the other reps sticker. Another Avon representative suggested placing two stickers in the book. One on the back and the other somewhere inside the book. Good idea when you are placing your books in a doctors office. It is sad but Avon reps can become territorial. Back to the Office the office and politely ask the person behind the desk or window, if you may leave the basket for their clients with some Avon books and free samples. Most times they will say yes and before you can leave the basket, I can almost promise you one of the office personnel will ask for a book or want to look inside your basket. Sometimes as you are placing this basket on the table, you will see the eyes of others looking to see what you have. That is a time to smile and say you have some free samples if they would like one. Tell them the Avon books are free and your name and number is on the back along with e-mail address "when they are ready" to order. I get more sales from the office staff than their clients. It is a way to get your foot into the door and a way to allow the staff to shop on their breaks. This is a store in a book. I get excited to look at catalogs. Call it the shopper in me. Always remember when you return each campaign, to also bring some samples and a book for the staff. Always let them know you are there and what you are doing. I like to look cute when I go into the office. Pink is my color.

Now...let's talk about another approach, it is called pull the brochure out of the handbag approach. I discovered this technique when I was looking for something in my purse pulling almost everything out but the kitchen sink. After wards, I began to put my items back in my purse when a lady asked me if I sold Avon. Looking baffled I said..."Yes how did you know?" I truly forgot I had the brochure on the counter. She said she saw my book. I told her I was going to look through it but asked her if she would like it. She then told me she needed an Avon rep because her's stopped selling Avon. In a playful joking voice I told her that I was her new rep now and claimed that position. She is now my customer. I have began placing books in my bag and pulling them out and placing them on the counter as I am looking for things. Before I put all things back I look at the person and ask if they would like the brochure. Most have said yes...very few refuse. Sometimes at stores where they have break rooms, you can slip in and place a book on their table. In coffee shops it is nice to place one on the table before you leave. Another thing is when you see all these racks with free apartment books, Thrifty nickle or Green sheet, take a moment, and place a few of your books there too.

Well...I have really written a book for this blog. I promised to talk about "Promoting business" in another blog. I hope this has helped someone in their approach in selling Avon. If it has, feel free to let me know.

God Bless and happy selling!