Thursday, June 17, 2010 anybody out there?

I just wanted to begin my blog with something silly. This is my first time Blogging. "Blog"...sounds almost disgusting. Blog sounds like something I might do in the bathroom or a way I may express a food I did not enjoy eating. "That was BLOG!" Anyway, I guess here I go. Blogging. My thoughts...Nothing...I got Nothing! But I did Blog! Hope to see more pages of others blogs. OH...I did make my Blog page pink because I love Strawberries and always have. Don't really like the taste of Strawberries as much as I love the color and smell of them. I am in my 40's and strawberries are something I have loved since I was a small child. Also...I sell Avon and pink is one of their big colors. I am a pink kind of gal. Love pretty pink and yellow things. So...There it is. I told you some things about me. If you ever would like to check out my on line Avon can go to and see many great sales. Use this one time code in shipping and get it shipped for free. FSWER Isn't that awesome?! If you ever want to know if there are anymore free shipping codes...feel free to ask me. I would do all I can to get you free shipping. Avon also does fundraisers and supports many organizations. Breast Cancer Awareness is one and it's PINK! So having family and friends that have suffered Breast Cancer and gone through Surgery and all the Chemo and Radiation, I really support Breast Cancer awareness and am proud to be an Independent Consultant of a company that supports it too. That's all I have now. Over and Out!

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