Thursday, June 17, 2010

Okay...I found out what BLOG means

Yes...I did find out what "BLOG" means. It is short for "Web Log." Just some crazy person could not fit in two more letters because of laziness...who knows. I am still trying to find my way around this "BLOGGING" world. So many nice things people write of their lives. No wonder there are so many reality shows on the television.

Walked around this evening hanging Avon books on doors. Hoping to build my clientele. I must say... most women I saw and handed a book to were very courteous to me. I chatted for a minute and did not keep them from their task at hand. I just know if I keep my chin up and continue working hard...things will turn up in my Avon business. Here I am pushing my link again...just in case you forgot. :-)
In reality...I want you to visit my site. Why else would I title my blog..."I love Avon?" I love their products...well most of them...and I hope you do to.

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